LETTER TO THE EDITORIAL OFFICE: Time for the Intellect to Take Over From Mind

LIST DO REDAKCJI: O racjonalnym myśleniu i kierowaniu się emocjami

G Venkatesh

Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, SP Andresensv 5, Valgrinda campus, Trondheim, Norway – 7491
E-mail: venkatesh.govindarajan@ntnu.no

From the Introduction

Any person actively committed to sustainable development, when he/she keeps his/her eyes open to happenings in society, catches behavioural signals which when analysed by his/her intellect against the backdrop of his/her personal commitments and beliefs, seem to be deterrents to efforts being made to usher in sustainable development. Toying around with these niggling irritants in one’s mind strengthens one’s resolve to speak out, write and make the deluded brethren understand that they are often sadly mistaken. More often than not, these individuals are essentially those who are enslaved by their emotions and attachments to sensory objects in the material world. Mind and Body individuals in other words, who refuse adamantly to allow their Intellect and Soul to take charge and bring their minds and bodies under their sway.

Problemy Ekorozwoju 7(2)2012: 115-117