New Number 1/2021

New number of the journal (2/2020) is now available. Please check Current issue item. It includes i.a. papers on Covid-19 pandemic.

Nowy numer czasopisma (2/2020) jest już dostępny w zakładce Current issue. Zawiera artykuły o pandemii koronawirusa.


In menu of our web page we added new item: Covid-19. It leads to the page: Covid-19 related papers in Problemy Ekorozwoju/ Problems of Sustainable Development. This is the place where we will gather all the papers published on this subject in our journal.

Impact Factor 1.177

We would like to inform, that Journal Impact Factor for Problemy Ekorozwoju/ Problems of Sustainable Development for the year 2019 is: 1.177 , so it is higher than in the previous year.