Communiques on Activities of the State Environmental Council of Poland 2010(2)

Minister of the Environment among PROS Members
Tomasz Winnicki
7th Plenary Meeting of PROS
Tomasz Winnicki
European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils 2011 Summit to be held in Wroclaw, Poland
Tomasz Winnicki
The Standpoint of the Sate Environmental Council on Solid Municipal Waste Management in Poland
State Council for Nature Conservation in Poland  (PROP)
Andrzej Bereszyński
The Kostrzyca Forest Gene Bank
Czesław Kozioł
Białowieża National Park the 600th Anniversary of Conservation of the Białowieża Primevael Forest
Anna Giersimiuk

Problemy Ekorozwoju 5(2)2010: 163-172