Instructions for Authors

Scope of the Journal

Problemy Ekorozwoju/Problems of Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary journal, connected with different sciences, from philosophy, through economy to environmental engineering. Every paper should however refer to the basic paradigms of sustainable development (so include social, economic and environmental issues and Sustainable Development Goals). We also prefer international comparisons than local studies, since problems are usually international or even global. We do not print papers based on bibliometric analysis only.

Basic information

The submitted papers must be original, so has not been published elsewhere, nor been in consideration for publication in any other journal.

Copyright rights. All the graphics and the pictures or photographs must be prepared by the authors. Using of grahics and pictures made by the other parites, just by writing the source is not allowable. The copyright rights must be bought or written permission from the author of copyrighted graphic obtained.

The papers may be submitted throughout the year, except for two breaks. Summer break (1.07.-31.08) and winter break (15.11-6.01).

Annually two issues are published. 

Papers are printed free of charge.

Every article is peer reviewed. Reviews are usually ready within three weeks.

Important. We do not print more than one paper of the same author/authors not only in the actual number of the journal, but also in the following number. So the publication is possible only once a year. We also do not print more than 2 papers from one university in a single number.

The magazine publishes original papers up to 50 000 characters, with spaces.

Technical instructions and references format

Text pages should be of the A4 size, double line spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font. The text should be organized as follows: 

  • Title of the article,
  • Name and surname of the author(s),
  • Address,
  • E-mail,
  • ORCID,
  • Abstract and key words.

References quoted in the text should be given in parentheses and include the author’s surname and the publication year e.g.  (Tyburski, 2004).

The reference list should be given at the article end, arranged alphabetically by surnames of the first authors.

Reference should be listed as the following:

Surname and name initials of the author(s), year, article title, magazine title in italic, volume, issue, pages: from-to. Example:
KOZLOWSKI S., 2006, The Position of Poland in Europe, Problemy Ekorozwoju/ Problems of Sustainable Development, 1(2): 93-98.

Surname and name initials of the author(s), title  in italic, publishers’ name, publication year. Example:
KOZLOWSKI S., 2005, The Future of Sustainable Development, KUL, Lublin.

Publication in collective works (monographs)
Surname and name initials of the author(s), article title, title of the monograph (in italic font),  surname and name initials of the monograph editor, publisher’s name, publication year: Example:
PAPUZINSKI A., 2004, Philosophical Aspects of Sustainable Development Principle, Philosophical, Social and Economic Aspects of Sustainable Development, ed. Pawlowski A., Lublin University of Technology, Lublin: 25-32.

Name of the web site, address, date of access. Example:
Problemy Ekorozwoju, (2.01.2020).
It is also good to include DOI numbers for the quoted papers.

The papers should be submitted to: