Liberty, Utilitarian Morality and Sustainable Development

Wolność, moralność utylitarna i zrównoważony rozwój

Mayavee Singh

Department of Philosophy, Goa University (Former Institution), India
E-mail:, ORCID: 0000-0002-7087-6118


State’s progress is dependent upon its political and socio-economic development which is tantamount to an increasingly adverse impact on climate. These adverse impacts on climate not only endangers our life but also our future generations, resulting in political and socio-economic instability. These irrational and rampant developments of any state require a systematic strategic principle. Following such a principle, a state can be progressive in a real sense by gaining political and socio-economic development while simultaneously maintaining sustainability. In this paper, through examining J. S. Mill’s doctrine of liberty and utilitarian morality, a valiant attempt has been made to resolve the problem of the free individual within the social whole by including sustainable development as a part of the progressive accomplishment of well-being.

Key words: liberty, development, state, opinion, individuality, utility, sustainable development

Słowa kluczowe: wolność, rozwój, państwo, opinia, indywidualność, zrównoważony rozwój

Problemy Ekorozwoju 18(1)2023: 164-169

DOI: 10.35784/pe.2023.1.16

Submitted: 1.10.22, accepted: 16.10.22, published on-line: 1.01.23