New Number 2/2021

New number of the journal (2/2021) is now available on-line with active DOI numbers. Please check Current issue item from the main menu or use the link. The number includes i.a. 7 new papers on Covid-19 pandemic.

DOI Numbers

Problemy Ekorozwoju/ Problems of Sustainable Development recently received DOI numbers. We added them to all the papers from the last 3 numbers of the journal: 1/2020, 2/2020 and 1/2021. All new submissions will also receive DOI numbers.


In menu of our web page we added new item: Covid-19. It leads to the page: Covid-19 related papers in Problemy Ekorozwoju/ Problems of Sustainable Development. This is the place where we will gather all the papers published on this subject in our journal.