Reviewing process

Due to overhelming number of submissions with papers out of scope of the journal, we want to remind our reviewing procedures.

First we are checking whether the paper meets the basic requirements: so, if the paper was written from the perspective of sustainable development and if it includes international comparisons (local level is acceptable only in case of the subjects unique from the World perspective).

Secondly, if submitted paper meets these basic requirements, we are preparing two detailed peer reviews.

Reviews are usually ready within three weeks.

Break in submissions

Due to overwhelming number of submissions, that we received recently, we decided to temporarily suspend possibilities of new submissions. We want to review all the previously submitted papers before the end of the year, so there is no room for new submissions.

New submissions will be possible again after New Year’s break from January 16, 2023.

Scope of the journal

Problemy Ekorozwoju/Problems of Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary journal, connected with different sciences, from philosophy, through economy to environmental engineering. Every paper should however refer to the basic paradigms of sustainable development (so include social, economic and environmental issues and Sustainable Development Goals). We also prefer international comparisons than local studies, since problems are usually international or even global. We do not print papers based on bibliometric analysis only.

New Number 2/2021

New number of the journal (2/2021) is now available on-line with active DOI numbers. Please check Current issue item from the main menu or use the link. The number includes i.a. 7 new papers on Covid-19 pandemic.